Interactive installation
SHY TO EYE is a project about the acknowledgment of your own impact. Being fascinated by human influence, the makers created this work to make spectators aware of their own influence and to provoke discussion. This installation is a poetic approach on the endless circle of contradictions, also known as Catch-22, with interaction between you and two dancing women. The work was on view during the Cinedans festival in the EYE-filmmuseum in Amsterdam.
From a distance, spectators can see two women dancing extravagantly, as if they're completely in their own bubble. However, as the spectator comes closer, his own influence breaks the bubble of the two dancing women, and they start dancing less and less, ending in an intensive stare when the spectator comes eye to eye with them.
Makers: Vanessa Bosch, Steven de Kort, Lidewei Reitsma, Jonne Verheij
Video & photos: Jonne Verheij
Music: Kye Perry
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