Jonne Verheij
Graphic and audiovisual designer

Hi! I am a Dutch graphic and audiovisual designer, currently based in Utrecht. I have a strong fascination for nature sciences and philosophy. Different abstract concepts from within science, ranging from microbiology to astrophysics, move me deeply. These concepts always find a way into my work and creative process, as I always try to create a bridge between abstract science and the art world. My goal is often to give my viewers new perspectives to experience the world around them. Although I'm mostly focused on editorial design, abstract projections and interaction, I am always experimenting and looking for new ways to tell my stories.
EDUCATION: HKU Image and Media Technology (2017-ongoing)
SKILLS: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe inDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, TouchDesigner
LANGUAGES: Dutch, English, German, Italian
CONTACT: / +31 6 81194436